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Upward Basketball Update

The 2015 season has come to a successful close. Registration for the 2016 season will begin on or around September 1. Please check back for updated information.

There are many needs and many opportunities to volunteer your service to the Upward Program.  Practices have started and games have begun.  It takes many, many people volunteering their time, talent and abilities to make the Upward Program the success it has been through the years.  We have no doubt that this year will be even more successful as God works in the lives of the players, their families, and everyone who spends a little or a lot of time participating in some way.  Here is the link to the website where you can sign up to volunteer:


If you're wondering if there is something you can do, the answer is YES!  So please checkout the website and find your calendar and spend a little time serving.

The most important way you can serve the Upward Program is through prayer.  So if you're thinking there really isn't anything you're able to do, I ask you to re-think that.  Your prayers for:  Alan Marshall as the Director, the volunteers who spend COUNTLESS hours helping, players, their families, coaches, referees, speakers, the list goes on - those prayers are priceless and the Program isn't possible without them.  Good health, good weather, safety, it all goes into making 2015 a wonderful year.

Thank you for prayerfully considering what you should do and don't forget to respond when God gives you the direction you have asked for!  

Upward Basketball

Dear Parent,
Calvary Baptist Church is excited to announce registration for the 2015 season of Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. All registrations will be handled online through http://upward.org again this season (choose "Find a Place to Play" enter Zip Code 65203). Online registrations will open at 12:00 pm on September 1st . 

Please keep these points in mind regarding Upward registration and our Upward program.
1. Space is limited, so please register early to ensure your child has a spot!!!
2. The online system does not allow us to specify the maximum number of participants for each league. Once a league reaches the maximum number of participants we will begin a waiting list based on a registration’s submission timestamp. Please register your child(ren) today.
3. The registration system and our practice schedule will allow only one practice night exemption. Basketball practice schedules are based on available gym time and coach availability. We will try to adhere to the following practice plan (one hour each week, same day, same time, Sun-Thurs):
A. 1st and 2nd grade teams practice earlier in the evenings, either 5:20-620 pm or 6:20-7:20 pm.
B. 3rd and 4th grade teams practice 6:20-7:20 pm or 7:20-8:20 pm.
C. 5th and 6th grade teams practice from 7:20-8:20 pm or 8:20-9:20 pm.
D. The online registration form allows a link between two players (carpool link). For the carpool link to work two players must link to each other. Exception nights have a higher priority than carpool links. What does this mean? If you have a carpool link with another player and that player chooses a different practice night exception than you do, then it is possible that the carpool link will be discarded in favor of the practice night exemption.
F. If your child cannot practice Sunday afternoons please choose Sunday night as a practice exemption. I believe that the exemption on the online form may say Sunday night, however, our Sunday practices will likely be in the afternoon from 1:30-2:30, 2:30-3:30, or 3:30-4:30.
G. Cheerleading squads have a little more flexibility in scheduling so the practice night is typically based on coach availability.
4. If you have any questions about the form please email me back and include your phone number, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
5. We need volunteers for the Upward Evaluations Oct 18, 20th. 21st, and 23rd (these dates are two weeks earlier this season so register early). Please let me know if you can help with this critical part of our Upward program.
6. Coach applications forms will be available soon, please look for more information in your email.
Kristin Loven is coordinating Calvary's Upward Cheerleading program this season. She has great things planned and we're excited about Upward Cheerleading 2015. Thanks Kristen!
The Upward Basketball experience is most rewarding when basketball teams are equally divided, based on the evaluation system, and when each game is competitive. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our ultimate goal, when dividing up players, is to balance teams and ensure that a player is not scheduled on their practice night exemption. Carpool or coach links are secondary to balanced distribution in our Upward program.
Thanks for reading through this email! We are extremely excited about Upward Basketball and Cheerleading and we’re looking forward to working with you and your kids this season! Please share this email with others interested in Upward Basketballa and Cheereleading.
Alan Marshall                                    
Upward Basketball Director
Calvary Baptist Church
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